Clairvoy 360⁰ Artificial Intelligence services Offerings

Clairvoy offers full spectrum of Artificial Intelligence services,solutions and talent on demand for your project needs

Technical Expertise

Artificial Intelligence:

Semantics, Ontology, Data Mining, Natural Language Process, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Image Analysis, Pattern recognition and Machine Learning


Classification,Clustering,Sequence Mining, Feature Engineering, Time Series Prediction,Regression,Anamoly Detection, Text mining, Topic Modelling and Information Modelling in semantics. Capsule Networks. Deep Neural Networks: CNN,LSTM and RNN.


H2O, Keras, TensorFlow,SciKit Learn, SciPy,NumPy,R,Python,Spark,Scala and SAS


AI Can see, hear, speak, Smell, feel, understand gestures and interface with your brain, and dream

  • Natural

  • Language

  • Audio and speech

  • Machine Vision

  • Navigation

  • Visualisation


AI is helping us to make better decisions – doing it faster,better and cheaper and more with precision quality, accurately.

  • Knowledge and representation

  • Planning and reasoning

  • Machine learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Simulation and Digital twins


AI Equalling or surpassing humans in all sorts of tasks – Playing games, driving cars and making recommendations.

  • Intelligent automation

  • Deep question and answering

  • Machine Translation

  • Collaborative Systems

  • Adaptive Systems